Congratulations! You’ve discovered a Rolfing® Structural Integrator!

Hi, my name is Joshel Cartagenas. I am a Structural integrator and Rolfer trained at the Rolf® institute of Structural Integration.

I run a Rolfing Practice that does home visits to deliver therapeutic touch and structural integration to your door.


  • City of Stockton

Call today to see if my services can help you with:

  • Getting a service that is 100% unique to your body's current situation
  • Regaining some loss range of motion due to fascia restrictions
  • Improving Range of motion
  • Finding ease in your movements
  • Scar tissue release
  • Unique body Movement analysis
  • Straight-forward service (if I feel I can't help you I will let you know)

Structural Integration is a way to reset the body into an optimum level of homeostasis. Basically like having someone help get yourself out of the mud so you can get back on the road and have an easier drive through life, in the vehicle that is your body!

Just some examples of people who can benefit are:

  • Seniors/Elderly
  • Athletes.
  • Dancers.
  • Yoga Practitioners.
  • Occupations that include extensive periods of sitting.
  • Police officers/ Military servicemen and women / Firefighters.
  • Hard labor workers jobs such as construction, landscaping, warehousing and agriculture.
  • People seeking new forms of body ease.

Whether you want it to help with any healing therapies you are currently undertaking, looking for an extra edge in hobbies or are just simply curious Structural Integration can do something for you!

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